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Recognizes that water sustainability is a key issue affecting development goals and that proper water resources management is necessary to mitigate water stress.

It will, towards this end, seek to preserve, protect and enhance freshwater sources through locally relevant initiatives, such as watershed management and protection, purification of the riverine systems, creation of integrated water bodies and ground water recharge.

Subscribes to global climate control through energy efficiency and low carbon emissions and the need to replenish constantly the bounty of nature through inclusive sustainable development.

It will seek an extension of the forest cover, promote non-conventional energy sources, protect biodiversity, and initiate effective measures for waste management in ecologically fragile areas.

Abides by the belief that healthy living is essential for a robust society

It commits itself to initiatives that promote fitness and active lifestyles, address the problem of malnutrition, promote the use of indigenous system of healthcare, and devote special attention to the needs of the physically and mentally challenged.

Believes that inclusive social development is an essential aspect of equitable economic transformation

It shall endeavor to promote literacy programmes for backward areas, institute awards for excellence in areas identified by the Foundation, and preserve the national heritage at all levels.

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